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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frocktober 1: Handmade Market

The beginning of my Frocktober Challenge this year sees me at another huge Handmade Market selling my wares to an appreciative crowd. Today I needed a utility dress and flat shoes for lugging big chairs around - not to mention that it was also rather chilly! So here I am in a simple long black dress, with my little warm jacket and a few pops of colour, surrounded by my handmade and re-loved goodies!

 Please pardon my surly expression, this was taken right after setting up and before my lovely customers arrived... and I was already exhausted! Luckily coffee always does me wonders and I perked up just in time! Ha ha.


A glarey shot of my Tango & James stall before the many wonderful customers arrived.
If you missed out on the Market today, or were considering one of these pieces for your home, make sure you check out  my Tango and James Furniture Gallery page to see exactly what is still available.

Time to unwind and relax for the rest of the loooong weekend, xx

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