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Monday, October 31, 2011

Frocktober 31: Finale frock!

Best for last? It's the Alannah Hill "Hold On Tight Frock" with my favourite shoes... love it! Contrary to the widget in the sidebar, my total for Frocktober has reached $361, not quite the goal figure, but way cooler is I may have inspired a guy-friend to do his own Frocktober Challenge - and he managed to raise a whopping $4,100 (and still going up!), which makes him the top fundraiser!!! Nice work Dave!!
Of course, a huge thankyou to my wonderful sponsors and anyone who enjoyed my Frocktober ride,
much appreciation to you! It's been fun... now where are those jeans?!!



Sherlyn said...

Heya those shoes are looking awesome! Inspiring someone to do something is like an achievement in disguise.Dave you have nailed it ! Good luck to both of you.
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Karen said...

Adorable dress, looks just gorgeous. You do colour so well. Seeing your Frocktober collection is like opening a candy box. I'm catching up way after October, sorry. I'll donate next year if you do it again.

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