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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Make-over: Project lighting

Ok, time to work on a gift for a gal pal of mine. She's young and funky and quite the individual... what to get for her? Something completely unique of course!
Take 2 Plain Jane table lamps and recover the shades with a fun fabric (Chicks In The City by Moda) from Addicted to Fabric.
Pretty cool? I'd have 'em!
Happy Birthday Clare!


thumbelina said...

ninabarina you are a legend. you have so much creative flair i can't keep up. the lamps are gorgeous and i am sure the comments will keep coming!!!

Linda said...

hi ninaribena,
I am a fellow Canberran and I love both your blogs. I love these lamps - where did you get the bases and did you just glue the fabric on??

ninaribena said...

Hi Linda. So glad you are enjoying the blogs! I love these lights too, they turned out so well I wanted to keep them for myself! They were very easy to make, I bought basic lamps with shades at Kmart $9.95 each! Then cut the fabric to size and used a spray adhesive. Pegs helped the fabric stay in place while it dried - voila! Good luck with yours,


Ninaribena x

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