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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Race day: fashions on the field

Here's a little frock I made a little while ago to wear to Canberra's Thoroughbred Park, to be a judge of the fashions on the field! Naturally off-the-rack wouldn't do and something unique was called-for. I used this adorable exclamation fabric from Tessuti Fabrics (love!) and without using any pattern whatsoever...

I managed to pull it off! A gathered neck with stand-up collar fitted shift. Worn with black leather triple buckle belt, vintage black gloves, satin peep toe heels with cutie ruffles, Chanel bag and fascinator by friend, Deanna Mann. Fun!


stepforddreams said...

Love the fabric! I really love your blog, so glad I found it. I can tell I'm going to really enjoy all your posts.

Ca said...

Hello, I saw your stunning outfit competition photos on Grant's blog, Ink and Leather, and was directed here. Love the work you're doing, all the creative interior shots are truly inspiring!

And this dress you made is beautiful. Always a pleasure to see people have a keen eye for fashion and a personal sense of style. Fun!


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