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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Before and After:

Tuesday night: Won 2 delapidated chairs (in fetching government 'greige') on online auction.
Wednesday afternoon: Collected chairs (from Allbids) and bought fabric (from Addicted to Fabric)

Thursday afternoon: Chair re-upholstery complete.

Time waits for no chair!
These pretties will be joining me at the Handmade UPmarket on Saturday, hope to see you there too!
Love Nina x


Rabbit and the Duck said...

Your chairs are gorgeous - I love the red one. Good luck for your market on Saturday, I hope the weather isn't as hot in Canberra as it is in Melbourne. I have a market this Sat too and its predicted to be 43 degrees!

angelique said...

Look what a bit of great fabric can do. They look a million dollars!!

amy said...

those are gorgeous! great job!

sauvageblue said...

lovely........ so creative!

smileybella said...

Gorgeous! Good to meet another fabric-addict. Love it.

mel bomba said...

Great find and they look fabulous now!
I must say I'm totally loving your 'I've got fans necklets' so simple but so affective!! Genius even!

My kitchen is a little far off, lots to do before then, can't wait though. Hope your plans are coming along and I'm glad to hear you think I should print my designs onto fabric, I'm trying to source fabric at the moment, so hopefully soon.

Tania said...

Just been pootling around when I really should be in BED, but just had to stop to say FANTASTIC chair makeover - am supremely green with envy!

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