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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Handbag serendipity

The latest booty from my mini spree at the Addicted To Fabric sale has been taunting me for some weeks now. I buy fabric before I know what I will do with it (does anyone else do that?!)

So, some ideas which have been rattling around in my head are clothing: fun skirts, little tops. More cushions : what would I do with MORE cushions? One which has been tempting me strongly is to make a bedspread like these beauties (actually made from scarfs - scarves?) as seen here.

Then a little serendipity happened: first, an invitation to sell at a style-haven Handmade Market got me whirling about what I could sell - could I sell handbags again? a moment later, my until now unused stock-pile of purse frames fell on my head from a shelf above.

Well, why don't I work out how to make a handbag using these gorgeous clip frames? I have about 20 frames, so should have a go - FINALLY! (I've had them for a couple of years - thank you so much Ali for finding them at a salvage yard!!!).

I snooped on the web and found this tutorial which gave me the confidence to try (and the acceptance that glue was involved).
And then (above) this happened, it wasn't hard, and I love the result (plus they match my shoes!).
(OMG, just fit an A4 magazine in it!!!) I'm going to test drive this one around before making more to sell...

...I LOVE them...but I need to know... would you buy one?


machenmachen said...

Buy fabric before I know what to do with it? The story of my life! In fact, my fabric stash probably exceeds my life expectency.

I like the larger yellow bag

Market Girl said...

Absolutely. love them, want to see them at Handmade Market soon!

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