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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A casual ransom letter

The latest Swapbot project to be bundled and spirited away from my desk is a ransome note. Yes you read it correctly (unless you didn't)...

"The mission is to create a funny ransom note. You know how they do it in movies... with words cut out of magazines. Please be creative and have fun with this. Decorate the letter, and please include a 3d element on the page. Check out your partner's page for ideas."

So, my random swap recipient is a professional ghost hunter (uh...yeah) in the US and, I'm surmising, needs to have the hair on the back of her neck in working order... and so it reads:

"Lora, If you ever want to see the hairs on the back of your neck again you must follow our instructions. Any attempt to involve the authorities will bring dire consequences [insert hair glue styling product]. If you fail to comply with our demands, the results will be semi-permanent [insert scary purple hair dye]... your hairdresser has our instructions [image of Edward Scissorhands]"

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