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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lounge room re-designed

I've been making a few changes and re-designing parts of my house lately. In the lounge room the colour scheme we painted 8 years ago was really tired and my growing little boys had out grown the legroom at the flower coffee table (see it here), so changes needed to be made.

So, gone is the deep plum feature wall (which appeared in Home Beautiful Magazine) replaced with all around soft baby blue/green which makes the white trim and furniture seem so new and fresh and seems to change the dimensions of the space.

To add some sass to all the softness, I've added some bold black and white elements which I hope, lead the eye away from the TV when it's off. The curtain panels are my own fabric design, available here, and the rug is a freshly stencilled DIY I finished a couple of days ago (lots of masking tape and patience!). The table is a thrifted find on an online auction site, to which we added castors for mobility and to bring it up to the perfect height.

The little chairs have been recovered with some fresh - and hardy fabric, as has my fave chair in the corner (you might remember this one), and a few splashes of colour in the artworks and coat rack (with a nod to Arthur Stace) and we have a fresh new look I'm loving.

Below: This is what you see when you walk into the room... before and after (click to see it larger)...

Ahh, feels like summer! xxx


Luna said...

Very nice. The exact colour I am looking for for my living room makeover! So far looking at Porter's Dew but it's too light. Wuold you mind sharing the brand and olour name you have chosen here? :)

ninaribena said...

Hi Luna, This is 'Academy Grey' a wattyl colour. I've also used it in little Hugo's room - with a white silhouette of a tree on it - awesome!

Good luck with yours xx

ps: completely in love with your chandelier xx

Barb Fisher - Hopscotch said...

OOooh, me likey. Very grown up and a bit spesh. Love your work Nina :)


percy handmade said...

This is gorgeous Nina! I absolutely love it... it looks like it's straight out of a magazine! Brilliant =)

Luna said...

Thanks Nina! Will check it out and let you know how it goes. I always find choosing the 'exact' right shade a nightmare - great if someone else has done the work :)
Thanks too for chandelier comment. Took me ages but glad I stuck with it :) X.

TammyJ said...

You neglected to tell me you have been redecorating!! Just about bits and pieces of it! Well we must get together more frequently for design related talk whilst feasting on fruits from the orchard area ... lol. you inspired me to get out and pick those yellow fleshed plum yesterday ; )

TammyJ said...

Oh ... forgot to say ... love the new look!

fanTABulous said...

Hello, I really love your blog and both the old and new looks of your lounge area!

I know this is a bizarre question, but I was wondering where you purchased your original white round dining table from? I'm on the hunt for something similar in Canberra at the moment!

Please let me know, and look forward to seeing more of your work at the next handmade market!


ninaribena said...

Hi Tabitha,
The round table is the "Magis Tavolo XZ3" which was purchased from Cite (now Zenith Interiors) now available at good luck xx

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