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Friday, November 5, 2010

A wedding Purse

A gorgeous client came my way recently (a referral via Shop Handmade) who wanted to create something very special for her sister-in-law to have on her wedding day. She brought me the mother of the bride's original bridal headpiece with the idea that, though her mother had passed, she could carry a special piece of hers on her own special day.

The piece has been transformed into a little clutch purse for the bride, with an olive green satin lining (to match her bridal party), this is something special she can remember her mum by, and I send her my very best wishes.

A beautiful result and one extremely happy client!


monkeemoomoo said...

This is so beautiful and so special.

Well done!

Kristopher K said...

Wow : so beautiful :)
- love the transformation!

ninaribena said...

Hey Thank you! It was such a pleasure to do too.

Oooh, and feedback from the client a month later... the bride and family were quite emotional (in the most wonderful way) - a perfect outcome! Awesome.

Rosalind said...

very cute!

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