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Friday, January 1, 2010

She wears short shorts!

Ahoy there 2010... I'm celebrating the new year with a pair of shorts that say "Hello Sailor". Now I've never considered my legs to be shorts-worthy, but by adding a little flare on the sides, these are sitting pretty, let's hope I can dare to wear!

Yeah! Here's to not being ordinary!
Happy New Year to you all,

Love Nina xxx


Luna said...

you look awesome, go with it!

posiepatchwork said...

Work it baby, work it!! Love Posie

Lily said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! I just read your whole blog and I have to say I am extremely jealous of your talents! Those shorts are amazing and look totally hot on you (fabulous legs). I love your SJP top (I've adored that since I saw it on the show) and your house is gorgeous (my house is entirely neglected due to lack of imagination, funds and impetus!)

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