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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Chairs: before and after

Another chair project and the realisation that I have a chair problem! I take pity on neglected and nearly destroyed chairs and take it upon myself to give them a new life as a covetable item. So here are my most recent street urchins...

These photos show the before and after of the chair and ottoman. I have 2 of each to play with, and started with one of each. Both had tatty vinyl coverings (the ottomans also covered in fabric), so they were stripped and recovered. The back rest of the chair was finished with hand stitching, but the hidden parts were done with the staple gun.

Gorgeous, though I'd love to keep them for myself, my house (and my husband) can only tolerate so many odd chairs. These will be coming with me to the next Handmade Market on September 12th. But secretly, I really wouldn't really mind if they don't sell - I'm sure I could find a spot somewhere... just don't tell my husband!

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