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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Road side wreck to GORGEOUS!

I found a sad little broken up kids lounge chair while walking my pooch the other day, looking decidedly worse for wear, the ugly "upholstery" was torn and faded and the seat completely broken: I saw a challenge and a clear vision...

Below: AFTER!

I kept the old fabric underneath and covered it over with a heavy weight cotton print fabric from Ikea, starting around the back and sides, then folding it neatly over the arms, and a seperate panel at the front. Then I replaced the broken seat base (wood), re-upholstered it and fixed it all in place. It was a fairly simple operation in the end - and the staple gun is my best friend!!

I'm pretty happy with this result and Hugo is well pleased to have this added to his pretty cool room!

Friday, January 1, 2010

She wears short shorts!

Ahoy there 2010... I'm celebrating the new year with a pair of shorts that say "Hello Sailor". Now I've never considered my legs to be shorts-worthy, but by adding a little flare on the sides, these are sitting pretty, let's hope I can dare to wear!

Yeah! Here's to not being ordinary!
Happy New Year to you all,

Love Nina xxx

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